*cashing out* Damn scumbags:its unbelievable what corrupt Nancy pelosi is caught doing alongside greedy husband with Covid-19 pandemic

In a time of global pandemonium where thousands of innocent people have perished with U.S having the highest number of casualties, its troubling how Pelosi is happy making profits….

The sneaker house speaker, Nancy Pelosi together with her greedy husband are already cashing in on $5 million of Amazon stock bought during the time frame that closed-door coronavirus meetings were being conducted in Congress,is this even legal?

Tuesday morning,Pelosi’s stock purchase had already earned the couple $1.1 million in less than 10 weeks. The Amazon share price climbed close to $2,000 on Tuesday. Paul Pelosi, the speaker’s greedy husband, got in at a price of $1,600 from each of the share, 3,000 shares on Jan. 17, according to financial disclosures.

Also, Paul Pelosi held 40 additional call options on Amazon stock too and sold those on Jan. 17 as well, netting him between $500,000 and $1 million, filings shows.

What this means is $2 million in profit have been made by the Pelosi’s.

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  1. Insider trading. Take EVERYTHING from them. All bank accounts. All properties. All assets. Both foreign and domestic. Take away passports. Take away use of private planes. Evict her from Congress with NO benefits Put them both, husband and Speaker Pelosi, and also her son in prison for life. Take everything away from the son and check into the daughter too. Am fed up with these CORRUPT people. Pelosi is into human trafficking, stealing of taxpayer money, money laundering, and many other crimes that us citizens would be in prison for.

  2. And Shifty Shitt wants to investigate our President for his outstanding handling of the virus crisis. I can’t wait till November to vote these clowns out.

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