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*More to the virus* Coronavirus:While the world Gnash its teeth look what evil George Soros is been upto

The George Soros financed ”Brennan center for justice”, have demanded for the use of drop boxes to deposit ballots on election day this November been a suggested overhaul of the voting system practiced in the U.S. voting system citing the spread of Covid-19 pandemic as reason.

Along with many of other George Soros funded groups, the Brennan Center is been promoting a campaign “vote by mail” system in the soon to be U.S presidential election November this year,stating the fear of increasing infected rate of the Covid-19 as been reasons for campaign, as its now too dangerous to turn out on voting day.

Experts have warned that its an opportunity driven agenda to favour the Democratic party in the elections citing that the Republican party have long feared a trigger in voter fraud as voting by mail would be harder to verify authenticity.

The Brennan also released an early budget of $2 billion that level the price of implementing the organization’s draft for voting reform as the pandemic strikes harder. Plans in the blueprint which have been greatly cited by the media as trying to permanently implement a voter reform.

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