Vice President Pence Takes On Nancy Pelosi – Mike Calls Her Statue Excuse A “Surrender To The Mob”

In recent weeks, President Trump has condemned the vandalism and destruction of many American statues, memorials and monuments. Nancy Pelosi?

She’s been quite a bit slower to pass judgment. On July 4, a Christopher Columbus statue in Pelosi’s hometown of Baltimore was torn down and destroyed.

How did Nancy respond?

When asked by a reporter what she thought of it, Pelosi responded simply: “People will do what they do.”

That response didn’t sit well with Vice President Mike Pence, so he took her on.

As he told Breitbart:

Tearing down monuments is not protests. Burning churches is not free speech. To have the Speaker of the House tacitly affirm the rule of the mob is unconscionable.

For Speaker Nancy Pelosi to say ‘they will do what they will do’ is a surrender to the mob. We’re not going to have it.

Pence added that “the foundation of our prosperity is law and order,” and we have to stand strong “against the rule of the mob.”

Many Democrat leaders have brushed aside similar acts of vandalism, presumably because they support the American’s civil right to protest.

However, those on the right argue that there isn’t anything “civil” about destroying historic monuments.

While there will always be controversy over certain political and historical figures, Pence believes simply tearing them down is a mindless act of violence.

The Trump administration has called for a nationwide crackdown on “mob rule.”

House Speaker Pelosi is either taking a more cautious approach to the situation, or she’s unwilling to condemn the actions as criminal acts.

The question is this: what falls within the boundaries of “civil disobedience,” and what crosses the line…?

Key Takeaways:
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to outright condemn the Columbus statue vandals.
In response, Vice President Pence slammed Pelosi for “tacitly affirming the rule of the mob.”
Pence further said America’s prosperity is built on a “foundation of law and order.”

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