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The whole country is in pandemonium due to Covid-19 but see what AOC is saying

AOC (D-NY) gave a virtual press conference on Facebook on Monday in which she explained that Democrats want it included in the next coronavirus relief package that racism and inequality are “pre-existing conditions” that are leading to the deaths of

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After investigations,Trump threatens grave consequences against China for creating and launching Covid-19 across the world

President Donald Trump said China should face “consequences” if the communist nation deliberately allowed the coronavirus to spread. During his daily coronavirus press briefing at the White House on Saturday, President Trump was asked whether there should be consequences for

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Vaccine conspiracy: Robert .T. Kiyosak make some revelation about Bill Gates breakthrough

Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad a mega best-seller,Robert Kiyosak gave his voice to the critical comments Wednesday night about the nation’s supposed pandemic and Bill Gates’ vaccines as well. BREAKING NEWS. Corona VACCINE the new GOLD. BIll Gates announce

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*More to the virus* Coronavirus:While the world Gnash its teeth look what evil George Soros is been upto

The George Soros financed ”Brennan center for justice”, have demanded for the use of drop boxes to deposit ballots on election day this November been a suggested overhaul of the voting system practiced in the U.S. voting system citing the

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*Must Read* Trump’s Miracle Drug to save the world from Covid-19,Norvatis CEO Recommends mass production

Vas Narasimhan the CEO of Norvatis,a drug production company,on Sunday claimed the Trump Covid-19-touted cure, hydroxychloroquine,an Orthodox Anti-malaria drug “is our biggest hope in combating the Wuhan,China originated Virus,Covid-19, sweeping across the world. Vas Narasimhan went ahead to pledge a

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EXPOSED!! Government Insider REVEALS Obama’s Darkest Secret He has been hiding for many years

In one of the most recent episodes of the Gcast with Gary Franchi, a top government insider also an EX United States governor exposed former president Barack Obama’s [deep]Dark Secret everyone suspected for years. The former governor revealed that Ex

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